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Who We Are

Professional Security Services is committed to providing our clients with the highest quality of security guard and patrol services while focusing  on professionalism, honesty and integrity. 


We are truly committed to our customer's needs and will strive to develop a cost-effective security program that will prevent, reduce or eliminate crime in your area and help make it a safer place to work, live and play.

Core Values 

  • We value honesty and integrity.

  • We value our clients, because without them, we would not exist.

  • We value professionalism and will be professional in every thing we do.

  • We value our employees and promote teamwork.

  • We value the laws of the State.

  • We value the Constitution of the United States.


About our Security Personnel

Our security teams are amongst the most highly trained and experienced professionals in the industry.

Members of our team include:

Former Career Law Enforcement Officers

Graduates of the FBI Academy

Members of Diverse Professional Backgrounds

Over 200 Years of Combined Law Enforcement and Security Experience

State Certified Law Enforcement Instructors

State Certified Security Instructors

Self - Defense Instructors

Certified Conceal Carry Handgun Instructors


Because of our diverse depth of experience and background within our team members, it affords us the opportunity to approach the security challenges of our clients from various angles.


As part of our commitment to providing a superior security program to our clients, each member of our security team completes on going training in all aspects of security protocol, policy and procedure to maintain top-level readiness.

Specialized Training 

Our security program is one of the best programs available today from a security services provider and the key reason for this is our total commitment to training.


Each member of the security team comes from a professional background in law enforcement, security services, or the military.  They are dedicated to disciplined training, regimented processes, high levels of alertness, and strict codes of performance.


We provide ongoing and continuous training for each team member in all areas of responsibility.

Green Vehicles and Technology

From Electric Bikes and Segways, to Hybrid Vehicles, Smart Phones and Tablets, PSS leads the security industry by reducing our footprint on the world's environment.   

PSS Online Reporting and Officer Accountability System 

is state of the art technology that provides detailed reporting and accountability. It tracks our officers as they  perform their daily duties  on assigned properties for our clients. 

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