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Healthcare Services

Healthcare Security Services

Hospitals, Urgent Cares, Doctors Offices, Medical Complexes, Parking Decks and Parking lots, 

Highrise Medical Buildings and Storage Facilities.  

The goal in providing a Security Assessment for your healthcare facility is to establish an independent inspection and assessment to determine the effectiveness of your safeguards and security policies and procedures, including the implementation across the facility.

Electronic security is absolutely crucial to keeping your data, property and people safe from unwanted intruders. But how much money should you invest in security technologies? What types of technology should you purchase? Which business assets require the most stringent security measures? 

These are not easy questions to answer without methodically assessing the security needs of your facility. You need to determine what security threats are lurking, the areas where you are most vulnerable, and the best ways to mitigate your business risk. 

A security assessment provides a snapshot of your business security readiness - only then can you clearly see where the gaps are and what you need to do to close them. 

We can help your facility or office perform risk assessments covering IT hardware and software, employee training, medical equipment, and work processes. These risk assessments are necessary to ensure that you can identify your overall security posture. 

For more information about our Security Assessments, please contact us 1-800-704-7765

Our uniformed armed and unarmed security professionals are highly visible to ensure overall safety of people and the protection of property.  Our goal is  to work with you to develop an effective and extensive security program will help minimize:


  • Robberies

  • Larcenies

  • Employee Theft

  • Physical Threats

  • Vandalism

  • Vehicle Break-ins

  • Personal Violence Attacks

  • Unwanted Intruders or Violent Visitors


A standing guard sends a clear message that your location is secure and protected.  As part of an overall security program, standing guards offer one of the single most important deterrents to potential criminals.

Our security officers are highly-trained and skilled security professionals who will initiate and maintain a security plan at your location.  These professionals give your plan validation, enforcement and protection.

Patrolling the Property


  • Written program orders and procedures that are customized to each healthcare facility's unique needs to ensure a safe and structured security program. 
  • Coordinated and pre-planned “check-ins” from our uniformed security specialists to our central command headquarters. 
  • Two forms of communication methods for each uniformed patrol specialist.
  • All uniformed patrol specialists adhere to a strict and secure “roadmap” for patrolling and securing your perimeter.  These plans are confidential and are not public.
  • Strict training to analyze all people and motor traffic entering and leaving the property.
  • Closed-circuit monitoring programs.
  • Secure ID badge programs.
  • True “24/7” manned security personnel.
  • Armed and unarmed personnel.

Professional Security Services provides our healthcare customers with superior service and professionally-trained security officers.  Our security patrol program includes the following strict program adherences:

24 Hour Command Center


Professional Security Services provides continuous 24-hour monitoring of surveillance cameras and videos. This gives our officers an advantage by alerting our security team of suspicious activities or a crime in progress.


Identifying criminal activity and responding quickly  is the key to preventing the next Crime.  



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