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Special Events

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Special Events

Private Events,  Sporting Contest, Social Events, Political and Religious Events, Concerts, Weddings and Funerals

Venues include: Stadiums, Arenas, Schools, Parks, Auditorium, Movie and Film Sets and Others  

The goal in providing a Security Assessment for your public and event facility is to establish an independent inspection and assessment to determine the effectiveness of your safeguards  and security policies and procedures, including the implementation across the facility.


Electronic security is absolutely crucial to keeping your data, property, staff and event attendees safe from unwanted intruders or disaster events. But how much money should you invest in security technologies? What types of technology should you purchase? Which business assets require the most stringent security measures? 

These are not easy questions to answer without methodically assessing the security needs of your business. You need to determine what security threats are lurking, the areas where you are most vulnerable, and the best ways to mitigate your business risk. 

Guard Services

A security assessment provides a snapshot of your facility and event security readiness - only then can you clearly see where the gaps are and what you need to do to close them. 

We can help your business perform risk assessments covering IT hardware and software, employee training, crowd management, building and safety practices, emergency evacuations, and work processes. These risk assessments are necessary to ensure that you can identify your overall security posture. 

For more information about our Security Assessments, please contact us.

In the event of an emergency at a public event, it is crucial to have a plan in place to coordinate the incident response units:  police, fire and medic. We serve as the core hub of communication, organization and responsibility for drafting and implementing an emergency planning program for your event.


Pre-planning for the proper number of security professionals is crucial in safely managing large groups of people.  Our professionally-trained events staffing specialists are specifically trained to be alert and responsive to situations as they arise.  Planning to avoid specific situations with an effective crowd control program is key.


Incidents Response.   Our security specialists are trained with our “SIRE” program.  The SIRE program    is a special 4-tier security assessment practice that includes these 4 critical steps:


Scan.  We search for potential problem areas or people.

Identify.  We identify the problem that could develop.

Report & Action.  We communicate with the team and take action.

Evaluate.  Has the problem been resolved?  What could happen next?


First-Aid Medical Emergencies.  Each security specialist is trained in basic first-aid.  We are the front-line for basic medical assistance until emergency medical personnel can arrive.

To learn more about our Event Security Programs, please contact us.

Mobile Command Center 

PSS Mobile Command Trailer serves as a communication center and a first aid station. It it fully equipped with heating and cooling systems and two beds.  

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