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Government Security  Services 

Government Buildings, Parking Decks, Highrise Office Buildings, Transportation Facilities, Colleges, Parks, Payment Centers, Military Installations, Court Houses, Health Departments and Airports.  

PSS provides our customers with superior service and professionally-trained security officers.  Our security program includes the following strict program adherences:


  • Written program orders and procedures that are customized to each facility’s unique needs to ensure a safe and structured security program. 

  • Coordinated and pre-planned “check-ins” from our uniformed security specialists to our central command headquarters. 

  • Two forms of communication methods for each uniformed patrol specialist.

  • All uniformed patrol specialists adhere to a strict and secure “roadmap” for patrolling and securing your perimeter.  These plans are confidential and are not public.

  • Strict training to analyze all people and motor traffic entering and leaving the property.

  • Closed-circuit monitoring programs.

  • Secure ID badge programs.

  • True “24/7” manned security personnel.

  • Armed and Unarmed personnel are available.

Patrol Services

24 Hour Command Center


Professional Security Services provides continuous 24-hour monitoring of surveillance cameras and videos. This gives our officers an advantage by alerting our security team of suspicious activities or a crime in progress.



Identifying criminal activity and responding quickly  is the key to preventing the next Crime.  



Patrol Services


Burglary Alarm Response: 

Uniformed Security Guards in Marked Security Vehicles are trained to respond to your business in the event your burglary alarm is activated. We will thoroughly check your business for visible signs of a break-in. If we locate a break-in on your property, we will search the interior of the business and apprehend any violators present. If no one is located inside, we will guard your business until repairs can be made.


Random Patrols:

Random patrols are designed to deter crime.  Through this service, we will randomly patrol your business or business parking lots with a Security Guard in a security vehicle day and/or night.  Our visible presence on your property will send potential criminals a message that your property is protected.  This greatly reduces the chances of your business being targeted by criminals. 

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